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Microscopy specs

  Type Light sheet microscope
  Name UltraMicroscope II
  Company LaVision BioTec GmbH


Sheet optics    
  Illumination Uni- & bidirectional
  Numerical aperture 0.0148 – 0.148
  Thickness 4 µm – 24 µm
  Focus positioning Dynamic
  Refractive index matching 1.33 – 1.56
Zoom optics    
  Zoom Body type Olympus MVX-10
  Zoom ratio 0.63x – 6.3x (1:10)
Detection optics    
  Objective lens Olympus MVPLAPO 2x
  Numerical aperture 0.07 – 0.5*
  FOV diagonal 1.7 – 17.6mm
  Effective Magnification (lens + dipping cap + zoom) Standard Dipping Cap: 1.26x – 12.6x

Correction Dipping Cap: 1.35x-13.5x
(LV OM DCC20) 

  Working distance Standard Dipping Cap: 10mm

Correction Dipping Cap: 5.7mm

  Chromatic correction Dynamic 400 nm – 850 nm
  Type sCMOS
  Name Neo 5.5 sCMOS
  Company Andor
  Pixel 2560 x 2160
  Pixel size 6.5 µm x 6.5 µm
  Maximum frame rate 100 fps @ full frame
  Read noise 1e
Imaging chamber
  Imaging solution Default = DBE

but also aqueous buffers are possible

Light source    
  Laser module
  1. 488nm: Coherent OBIS 488-50 LX Laser (50mW)
  2. 561nm: Coherent OBIS 561-100 LS Laser (100mW)
  3. 647nm: Coherent OBIS 647-120 LX Laser (120mW)
  4. 730nm: Coherent OBIS 730-30 LX Laser (30mW)
  Emission filters
  1. ET525/50m
  2. ET615/40m
  3. 676/29
  4. 716/40
  5. ET775/50x


Microscope software    
  Imspector Version: 7.1


Further information:

*Zoom factor and corresponding NA and resolution by pixel size (with standard and Correction Dipping Cap (CDC))

Calculation of Pixel size

Template for material and methods in publications.